A Breakdown of Different VR Formats

VR. Virtual Reality. It is something you’ve been craving since you were a child and first heard of the idea. Maybe you were a kid in the 80s and fully experienced the wave of “virtual reality” gaming systems in the local arcade. Perhaps your parents even splurged for a home gaming system like the Nintendo […]

VR Headsets

As virtual reality becomes more popular, you’ll begin to see more and more manufacturers release headset and home systems. If you are currently looking for a new VR system, you need to compare all available options, performance and determine what fits into your budget. This is a list of the most current VR headsets available. […]

VR Terminology

Have you found yourself a bit confused with some of the terminology we use here (or what you’ve seen on other websites)? Don’t worry, that is commonplace when learning any new technology. So here is a glossary of commonly used terms in VR. 360-Degree Video A camera system created to record 360-degrees of simultaneous material. […]